Install MKVToolNix (cross-platform set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files):

sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix

Find the subtitle track number and the attachment IDs of the fonts using the mkvinfo tool (print information about elements in Matroska files):

mkvinfo movie.mkv

or using the GUI version:

mkvinfo -g

Assuming the subtitles are track 3, extract them using the mkvextract tool (extract tracks from Matroska files into other files):

mkvextract tracks movie.mkv 3:movie.***

Optionally extract also the font (by not specifying a file name for the font, the filename of the attached font will be used. This needs to be done for each font that is attached):

mkvextract attachments movie.mkv FontID:

Install the fonts and regenerate the font cache so that the subtitles will be rendered properly:

cp *.ttf ~/.fonts
sudo fc-cache -v ~/.fonts

Make sure that the file is in MSDOS (CR-LF) format by using flip command:

sudo apt-get install flip
flip -m

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